Ever wondered what could have happened to a Disney princess who didn’t get her happily ever after?

Maleficent has the same story before she was called the ‘Mistress of all Evil’

Maleficent was a fairy princess. When she was young, without the devilish horns and pale white face, she met a young prince named Stefan. They had a terrible mistake that bore into a child. As the Prince Stefan was named King, her marred a princess in a neighboring Kingdom named Princess Leah. But he wasn’t sure of her love for her because he never knew her before they married each other. They also have a child but at the time of delivery, the young heir died. The King then decide to switch heirs with Maleficent. King Stefan took Maleficent’s daughter and named her Aurora. He then presented it as the rightful princess of the Kingdom. Maleficent was consumed by hatred that made her grow horns like a devil. A year after, Maleficent attended the First Birthday Celebration of the Princess Aurora, casting an evil spell in which she would prick her finger in a spindle and fall asleep for years, without Maleficent knowing that it was in fact her daughter all along. In her spell, she said: “A child, for a child. You took a mothers life. Your soul for hers, the rightful heir to mine.”

CONCLUSION to Question: Ever wondered what could have happened to a Disney princess who didn’t get her happily ever after at the end?


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Ever wondered what could have happened to a Disney princess who didn’t get her happily ever after?


Maleficent has the same story before she was called the ‘Mistress of all Evil’. When she was a young girl, she didn’t have the devilish horns nor did she have that mean and evil attitude. Maleficent was called a different name and she was a fairy princess. Her life was in the woods and she had a very enchanting power, not to mention her gift of beauty.  She was beautiful with blonde hair and gorgeous eyes. She was born heir to the throne of her Fairy Kingdom because of her father ‘The King’. She has a dark secret that she kept for a very long time. It made her shun herself from the kingdom because of her difference from the rest of the fairies. Her wings was so huge and black giving her an impression of a bat. 

One day, when she was at her 16th’s, Maleficent strolled around the woods near to her land. There she met a young man, tall, handsome and sturdy like any other prince you can meet. The bright looking Maleficent quickly fell in love with the young man who is in fact a prince of a far away kingdom. He wasn’t a prince of any magical kingdom but a prince in the kingdom of man. They danced and talked all around the woods. Maleficent then showed every bit of her talent, making the Prince a little startled but eventually he liked the fairy princess. They were about to bid farewell to each other when The Fairy King suddenly appeared, breaking their perfect moment together. Scared, the young Prince ran off with his horse, fleeing from the King and Maleficent.

Maleficent’s father didn’t like the idea of a fairy and a man ending up together, so, the King suggested Maleficent to stay hidden from the world. Maleficent grew cold from the world of mankind but somewhere in her heart, she still dreams of her Prince to come. 
As for the Prince, he eventually forgotten the incident with the Fairy Princess/Maleficent. Not until one day, after so many years, he was once again taking a ride around the woods and there he met Maleficent who was taking her usual afternoon walk. The Prince was once again captivated by her beauty, telling her that her face looked so familiar to him, like he dreamed of her once. Little did he know that she was the girl whom he danced and talked with back before when they were a little younger. It was as if destiny brought them back together again. The Prince got up by asking Maleficent to dance with him and this time ending it with a kiss.

No one was there to criticize them or to even ruin their precious moment together. They introduced themselves to each other for the first time. Maleficent was surprised to know that her true love’s name is Stefan. 
By the time they were done, both of them return to their respective kingdoms. Prince Stefan is greeted by a revolting news. He was about to get married in less than a week to a certain princess from another kingdom, named Princess Leah. Angered from this, he fled away from the palace and went looking for Maleficent in the woods. He didn’t want to spoil the rest of hid day with the news, so Prince Stefan looked for Maleficent instead. He hesitated to tell her his problem but he wasn’t able to find the right moment to do so. Day after day passed, it’s the night before the Prince’s wedding and coronation day. He thought, if his life will end on the day of the wedding then he might as well waste whatever second of his life are left. Prince Stefan sneaked in the forest and called upon every magical creature to form an enchanted garden for Maleficent. The fairy princess then appears magically in a mist. They danced all throughout the night. They shared kisses, touches and smiles. Every step they make grew into a terrible passion. Their kisses lasted for a lifetime and absentmindedly they fell on each others arms. Their souls are tightly intertwined to each other. They felt each other in a very deep way that both of them never knew. They produced music so passionate and it goes on and on as the dark covers all land.

The wedding day came, the prince then left Maleficent sleeping soundly on the green covered surface.

Prince Stefan sealed the wedding with a kiss that he could hardly remember at the future. It was also the day of the coronation and they were named King and Queen of their kingdom from now on. Queen Leah isn’t much the King’s type but they get along quite well. Eventually, they turned out to be true lovers because there was news that she’s about to have a baby. The whole Kingdom rejoiced with such a news but one crumbled in jealousy and hatred.

Her black veil covered her face as she stepped on the cold marble floor. She wore a long sleeve’d dress that drags as she walk towards the throne of the King. It was Maleficent, she heard the news from her Kingdom as well. Maleficent plucked up all the courage to talk face to face with the King. She has a very big problem that she wants to resolve. The King was startled by the sight of her presence not knowing it was Maleficent. She dropped the black veil to speak to him directly but the King was in a fit of anger because he doesn’t want to see her, not now that he’s going to be a Father. Maleficent spoke in a low grieving voice. She hesitated for a lot of time before stating the most intriguing story yet. She has a little bundle inside of her and she is scared of the consequences of it. She is worried of her Father’s health who is getting weaker at that point which may worsen because of her secret. The King couldn’t believe what Maleficent had said. His words dropped in a faint whisper because of the shame her have to face. He couldn’t be a father to two different children with two different mothers. The King then ordered the guards to take Maleficent away from the Kingdom. The King kept the secret hidden as she left. He paid every officer, guard and official present in the scene with the woman in black.

9 months later, at the palace of the King, a scream is heard by every maid, butler, officer and horseman. The baby is due on that day and everyone is ready for the Royal Blessing’s arrival. They propped the Queen on an arm chair for the delivery of the heir. Everyone was shouting, some were jumping in joy as they see the crown of the heir shooting out from the Queen. Everyone’s heart was thumping constantly but something’s wrong. The heir wasn’t moving or was it breathing at all. They couldn’t wake the Queen but she’s alive. The King bare the accident so he ordered everyone to keep the accident as a secret from the people and also from the Queen. The King then rode away from the palace to Maleficent’s private quarters at the woods. Maleficent was also in delivery but the only difference with the Queen is that Maleficent’s child survived and it was well and alive. The child was a girl. She matched her mothers eyes, fairness and blonde hair. The King tried to take the baby away from her. She struggled to keep her baby safe but there’s nothing she can do. She was weak and so is her power. The King threatened Maleficent’s daughter by retrieving a small dagger underneath his robes. To the King’s surprise, Maleficent cast counter courses to take her child back to her but the king ran at a glance. Maleficent was left maddened. Her Father was awoken by her her screams afterwards, but Maleficent was consumed of hatred and anger. Her body shook with great power like she was about to explode. The Fairy King was frightened of her daughter for the first time. He tried to stop Maleficent but she couldn’t control herself. Her Father was swept aside the woods with a great force because of her power. The Fairy King is dead. The throne shrieks as soon as the King’s heart stopped beating. Maleficent ran towards her dead father. Now there’s no one left in her world. Her daughter is probably dead by now and her poor father. The throne shrieks whenever it feels the need of a ruler. Maleficent fell on the forest floor. She can feel her heart turning to a cold stone. She was consumed by every evil doings and the only thing running in her head is revenge. The whole land was then covered in darkness, not an inch of light is seen. That’s when she grew horns in her head. Her once blonde hair turned black like the dark sky. Her beauty stays as it is but she grew paler and paler, with her lips turning redder and redder each day. Every fairy in their kingdom left the now rotten ruins of the once abundant place of the magical creatures. Shrieks of the throne was the one that annoyed everyone but the new Queen out grew it. Maleficent was then named the Mistress of all Evil.

And every once in a while, she still hums the tune of her rotten love story - Once Upon A Dream. 

 ”I know you
 I walked with you once upon a dream.
 I know you
 The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
 Yes, I know it’s true
 that visions are seldom all they seem
 But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
 You’ll love me at once
 the way you did once upon a dream”

by: Angel S

“When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.” — Unknown (via perfect)